Tips and Tutorials

Tips to Maximize Performance with BitiCodes

Many have BitiCodes and attained amazing results. The tips below should greatly improve your chances with this trading platform.

Start small

For new traders, it is always advisable that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the platform and tools before investing big. You will have the peace of mind to observe the markets and learn when you start small.

Follow the market news

Use the BitiCodes tools to monitor the markets consistently. Monitoring the markets will help you capture news trading opportunities and capitalize upon them. Please note that the best crypto CFDs trading opportunities are news driven. You will find a news feed and events calendar on the assigned broker’s page.

Evaluate your risk appetite carefully

Determining your risk appetite is quite important. Your risk management strategy must be informed by your risk profile. We offer the tools to help you build a robust risk management plan.

Do not trade when the markets are closed

Identify a trading time zone and stick to it. The best time zones for crypto CFDs trading are EDT and GMT. These time zones involve a lot of crypto volatility. This means that you are likely to place many successful trades during these time zones. You should strictly trade from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Don’t trade past this time because you are likely to incur rollover fees.

How to register and trade with BitiCodes

Here we will explain the steps to follow to register and apply the BitiCodes trading tools. Please note that the tools are used through the assigned broker’s system.


Signing up should happen on our homepage. Make sure that you have submitted accurate details during this step. Failure to submit accurate information could lead to account suspension and a permanent ban. We will verify all the information provided during this stage through the assigned broker. You are assigned to the broker on completing this registration step.

Fund your trading account

Fund your broker account with USD250 or more to access the trading area. Our brokers mostly offer the MT4 or the cTrader. The BitiCodes tools also integrate with some of the proprietary platforms provided by the attached broker. You need to finish the signup with the attached broker to access the BitiCodes trading tools. You can fund the broker’s account via debit/credit cards, wire transfers, or e-wallets.

Demo and live trading

Practice on the demo before starting using the tools on live trading. The demo platform is offered by the broker. Please practice thoroughly to avoid making mistakes during live trading. You should find the trading process easy and fun after the demo.