Top 3 reasons why BitiCodes Iplex is your best bet

High-Quality Trading Signals

BitiCodes Iplex is your best bet for quality crypto CFD signals. We provide various tools for sophisticated trading research and fast-paced order placing. The tools under our platform enable traders to capture all trading opportunities.


Beginner friendly Trading

We have a mission to make crypto CFD trading accessible to everyone. Our tools eliminate all the complexity in crypto CFDs trading. Any beginner can use BitiCodes Iplex to easily navigate through all the technical trading functions.


Advanced Risk Management

The BitiCodes Iplex risk management tools are informed by years of research. These tools ensure emotion-free trading for maximum returns. Fear and greed are the biggest barriers to success in crypto CFDs trading.


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News Trading

Trading experts agree that news trading is the holy grail of success in all crypto CFDs trading. You need the best tools to implement this strategy accurately. BitiCodes Iplex is your best bet in news trading. Our tools are developed by an experienced team of crypto CFDs traders and computer scientists.


Price Trend Analysis

The price trend analysis strategy is highly suited for crypto CFDs trading. This technique is based on the theory that price behavior tends to repeat when certain conditions are met. The aim is to identify price patterns and determine when they are likely to repeat. We offer the tool to help you determine the price points accurately.


Risk Management

You need a well-detailed plan and powerful tools to manage risk in crypto CFDs trading. We offer all the necessary resources to help you build a foolproof risk management plan. Moreover, we offer all the tools you need to manage trading risk. You can learn more about the BitiCodes Iplex risk management tools by signing up and visiting the underlying broker’s resources page.


Trade Shiba Inu, DOGE and many other trending altcoins like a pro!

The altcoins market is gaining rapidly in 2023 and is anticipated to maintain steady growth in the next ten years.

Top trending altcoins today include Doge Coin, Shiba Inu, Ethereum Classic, The Sandbox, Algorand, Optimism, Solana, and Grove. These altcoins are experiencing massive price swings every day. The massive price swings present amazing trading opportunities for volatility traders.

An altcoin is any alternative to bitcoin. Analysts predict that a variety of altcoins will soon overtake bitcoin in market value and popularity. Expert reports indicate that bitcoin takes 39% of the global $2 trillion crypto market cap.

This is a major decline given that it was at 70% a year ago. Some of the fastest-growing altcoins today include Algorand, Stellar, the Sandbox, and BNB. Most of these altcoins are in the metaverse tokens category. The metaverse is a blockchain-based and AI-driven virtual 3D world.

This world allows participants to socialize, play, and transact. The metaverse tokens are the currencies for transactions in this world. You can use the BitiCode tools to capture amazing trading opportunities worldwide.

Trading the trending altcoins should be a breeze when our tools are applied. Moreover, our risk control tools significantly reduce the crypto trading risk. But traders should always be cautious given the unpredictability of the crypto markets.

Apply the News-trading and Price Analysis Techniques to Trade a Variety of Crypto CFDs

Your success in crypto CFDs trading is dictated by the trading approach. The most successful traders today have one thing in common. They have mastered the world’s most lucrative CFDs trading techniques.

These techniques include news trading and price trend analysis. In news trading, the trader places bets based on the prediction of the impact of news on volatility. News trading is highly effective in crypto CFDs, given the industry’s sensitivity to the news.

Any announcement related to the industry tends to drive the prices up or down. Good news, such as a big corporation investing in crypto, tends to push the prices up. On the other hand, negative news, such as a country banning crypto, tends to push the prices down.

A good news trader should capture relevant news and take positions before the markets can respond to the new information. This is easier said than done since the markets rapidly adapt to new information.

Consequently, only traders with the right tools can profitably implement the news trading technique.

The price trend technique involves analyzing historical price patterns to identify future behavior. This technique is a big driver of success in trading when implemented appropriately. The price trend study technique falls in the technical analysis category.

BitiCodes Iplex helps you implement both trading strategies at a high success rate. We offer tools to help you analyze the markets fast and capitalize on news trading opportunities. These tools help you to identify opportunities in a split second and trade them immediately. We also offer tools to make your technical analysis easier.


BitiCodes Iplex Risk Management Tools - Trade big positions at extremely low-level Risk!

The crypto industry involves high price swings and is therefore considered extremely risky. Trading highly volatile crypto assets such as bitcoin requires a big risk appetite.

As mentioned earlier, there are different ways to trade crypto. The first approach involves buying and selling crypto from an exchange. Experts agree that this method is tedious for most people and is also highly risky. Moreover, this approach has limited opportunities, given that you can only make money when the prices go up.

Experts agree that the most lucrative way to invest in crypto today is to speculate on its volatility through the CFD derivatives. You can trade CFDs through the short-selling technique to make money on falling crypto prices. Trading CFDs can be highly lucrative, but the risk of losing money is also huge. That’s why a robust risk management plan is needed in all CFDs trading.

BitiCodes Iplex comes with powerful tools to help you manage trading risk. These tools include a Stop Loss (SL) to close trades when a certain level of losses is reached and a Take Profit (TP) to close trades when a certain profitability level is reached. These tools help the trader manage the emotions of greed and fear for successful trading.

We also offer a risk appetite test to help you align the risk per trade with your trading goal. Take the risk appetite test through the assigned broker and test different risk levels before proceeding to live to trade. Please note that the BitiCodes Iplex risk management tools help you manage risk but not eliminate it fully. Never trade crypto CFDs with more than you can afford to lose.

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