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Who we are

We have been in the crypto CFDs trading market for long enough to know what is needed to maximize the trading outcome
The BitiCodes tools are enough proof of our vast experience in this market. This platform is helping hundreds of thousands of people attain their crypto CFDs trading goals faster. We developed this platform in 2019. The platform has been a huge success since its launch. BitiCodes is one of our most successful products. We have been building quality trading software since 2012. Most of our trading tools are specialized to trade traditional assets such as stock, forex, and commodities. BitiCodes is our first crypto-focused trading tool. We are working hard to build more trading tools under this platform.

BitiCodes Contacts

You can reach out to our team by filling out the contact us form on this page. We are ready to guide you through any question related to our trading platform. Please note that trading-related questions should be directed to the assigned broker. This is because the crypto CFDs trading happens through. We only offer tools to help you make the most out of the trading opportunities provided by the broker. Any crypto CFDs broker connected from this page is top quality. You can reach out to the broker’s customer support team via the details published at the footer of the trading dashboard.